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Throughout the long history of mankind, the desire for longevity and health is always a great motivator for finding ways to understand how the body works as well as improve. Physical activity at the best level.

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of health care, dating back to 3000 BC in an ancient Chinese book. Massage mainly helps people cure injuries, pain and mental reassurance. These are the conclusions that people have learned from the ways massage places effectively affect the healing.
The origin of the word mass is in Arabic “mass ~ h”, which means to press gently. When massage has become popular, it has acquired many new forms, divided into many schools. Since ancient times, the earliest Chinese massage is based on the principle of yin and yang balance, the air in the human body. Then massage the Japanese monk brought his country to develop massage in the direction of diagnosis and treatment called Shiatshu with Shi means finger and atsu means pressure.
In the West, massages are used by indigenous peoples with traditional Greek herbs, with ancient Greeks using massages as techniques developed to help Roman and Romanesans learn these Greek techniques.
Massage actually has a very good effect on health:

– Reduction of muscle tension: When we suffer from frequent muscle strain, it slows down the blood flow in the muscles.
Massage can help relax as well as strengthen the muscles.